Equity Capital Market Distribution

Equity capital market distribution

Project Overview

A web platform to co-ordinate all aspects of equity capital markets offering distribution and Initial Public Offerings, structuring, gathering and analysis of feedback and demand, electronic dissemination of dealer documentation to their full asset management.

Client Profile

Our client is a group of veterans with investment banking and asset management expertise from the UK, having operational experience in leading IPO and in the institutional capital markets across Europe, Asia and the US.

Norjimm Solution

A technology platform to achieve better outcomes, greater efficiency and best practices in regulatory compliance wherein the client base to achieve significant savings of time, and better visibility of information for all members of the syndicate across ECM, syndicate and sales teams which improves efficiency and compliance in equity capital market transactions.


  • Native, direct connectivity with banks, brokers and advisory
  • Valuation feedback in real time
  • Easy MAR compliance built in
  • Structure demand / orders from investors preventing duplication
  • Complete audit trail of all interactions in a deal context
  • Full documentation management


  • AWS EC2
  • AWS SES-Email Server
  • AWS RDS-PostgreSQL
  • AWS S3 Bucket-for Asset Storage
  • Laravel 5.2
  • Git-for Versioning
  • Apache2-Web server

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