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Norjimm is one of the leading data analytics companies based in India. Starting from converting data into enterprise assets, with powerful infrastructure; integrating databases that power the applications for analytics; and the intelligence built in for decision-making, we know what kind of big data analytics works best for you. Apache Hadoop is the big data platform that we implement at Norjimm, as it provides the fastest and affordable means to understand and analyze your data.

We leverage the latest Open Source analytics technology from Apache Hadoop to deliver scalable, low-latency, highly distributed platform with massive parallel processing, scale-out nature, fault tolerance, and memory management. Nearly unlimited flexibility in accessing data from internal and external systems. Analyze millions of records in a matter of minutes. The powerful Hadoop engine combined with the advanced expression language empowers to seamlessly customize the system according to the needs of your business by providing effective analytics services by generating the right insights that accelerate real time business value.

No additional hardware required, address any type of data- structured, unstructured or semi-structured, network and business, machine and human generated, at any size and velocity of streaming, group all your data in one place regardless of the source data format, on integrated platform that runs natively on your Hadoop clusters. The fastest and easiest way of exploring and understanding your data for business insights in real time.

Real-time streaming analytics within seconds of data being collected, understand data from every dimension. Skim through entire data, search, tag and filter datasets to build associations and patterns between behaviors and actions and craft new business models.

Data is a competitive advantage, monetize your data, we have certified experts in Hadoop, to automate insights and turn your data into business, easily and consistently.

Leveraging Big Data analytics tools and services to deliver smarter solutions.

  •     HDFS
  •     MapReduce
  •     Hive
  •     Hbase
  •     ZooKeeper
  •     Flume
  •     Sqoop
  •     Impala
  •     Apache
  •     R
  •     Hadoop R
  •     Mahout
  •     MongoDB
  •     HP Vertica
  •     Teradata

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