15 Jan 2018

An ultimate guide to progressive web applications

Progressive web apps (PWA) are the most amazing things in the realm of web apps. Initially, they are proposed by Google in 2015, but they have gained a lot of attractions from the users because of the relative ease of development and better user experience. What is a progressive web app? Progressive web apps are […]

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20 Dec 2017

7 ways big data analytics is changing hotels and the travel industry

Over the past few years, big data have gained immense prominence as a distinguishing point in today’s complex, intricate, and competitive business environment. Every industry is using big data so that they can streamline and reshape their businesses and can enhance their growth and profit. Like every sector, big data is also applied in hotel […]

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11 Dec 2017

Web Development Trends for 2018 to Follow for Business Growth

Today, trends remain in trend for lesser than the snap of a finger, especially in web development. It’s way too fast to hold on for long. Web developers have found 2017 challenging with its significant technological leaps especially in web application development. This year has left enough traces to impact 2018, and with more opportunities […]

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20 Nov 2017

Simple Guide For Starting A Successful App

Some of the apps work wonders, while the rest fade away with no notice. If you are planning to design one then there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before you set out. Firstly, you need to identify and analyze why many of the mobile apps that were designed with a […]

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16 Nov 2017

Secret Of Mobile App Personalization That Actually Works

People around the world have spoken volumes about AI already; the pros, cons, future, jobs and what not. So, isn’t it time we speak something more interesting? What is Personalization? Personalization is defined as “a means of meeting the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction […]

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10 Nov 2017

Best Blockchain applications that are shaping your future

By now, everyone is familiar with cryptocurrency and bitcoin, and the hot-trending topic on blockchains that is closely related to these. A simple definition for blockchain is that it is yet another kind of technology, capable of setting up digital currencies, while keeping a track of all the transactions and ensuring that it is carried […]

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