Code editors are generally believed to be the go to tool for all those individuals, who are actually looking to make a profound kind of a development and customization when it comes to the web design and development. Both the software development and the web application development industry begin with a single line of code. The code that is created in what is called as the text or code editor. And if you ask hundreds of developers what their favourite code editors are, you will actually hear the same name popping up again and again. The developers are very much loyal to their tired, true, and the most trusted edited platforms of web development.

Welcome to my list of the best nine code editors for all the web developers that are currently being used in the market today. This is a list that is generally prepared from an experience of working as a full time stack web developer. And if you feel that I have missed out something in the blog then please do not hesitate to have them mentioned in the comments section given below. So let’s have a look at the best code editors for 2018.

ICE Coder

ICE coder: The ICE coder is generally considered to be a browser that is based on the code editor that is again specialized for all the website building tasks. The tools allows you to directly code within the web browser be it online or offline. You can go ahead and have the product tested in the middle of the development on the actual web servers. And when the website is ready you can then go ahead and provide maintenance services using the same tool. You can also use the ICE coder on any computer with a modern browser and can have it customized based on your likes and dislikes. Not just this you can also use the ICE coder as a desktop editor followed by the PHP 5.0 and can have it run on linux or on PC via WAMP or XAMPP and MAC via MAMP.


Notepad++: Another open source and a free editor, the notepad ++ is a kind of coding that is written in C++, offering a high speed and the last but not the least small program size. Notepad++ is generally known for being environmental friendly and even touts this benefit on all the websites, highlighting the factors that has been using less power when it comes to the CPU, resulting in a greener environment. The developers to this like the fact that Notepad++ just takes the space of 4MB when it comes to the process of downloading a file, and supports 50 programming languages along with allowing the users to define their own.

Ultra Edit

Ultra-Edit: The Ultra Edit tool is generally considered to be one of the most powerful, fastest and versatile tool when it comes to the windows, Macos, and the last but not the least Linux. This tool is highly customizable and allows you to enable different themes so that the editor interface looks exactly how you like it to. You can go ahead and set one or the other themes that are available in the library or can actually create something of your own. The features of this particular software is the column mode that allows you to edit along with the y axis anywhere in the document. The multi-selection and the editing feature that helps you do your job really very fast and even better. You can go ahead and use the tool on up to two machines and on any combination of the platforms.


Brackets: The Brackets are generally believed to be the modern text editors that make it easy for all the developers to design in browser. This is something that has been crafted from ground up for the web designers and front end developers, turning out to be the best tool for all the front end developers due to the integration of adobe products like Photoshop. This is generally believed to be one of the most used free code editors when it comes to PSD to HTML conversion, hence it is on our list of best code editors 2018 for all the web developers. Brackets are really very easy to use to some degree because it is mostly configurable via menus, whereas when it comes to the other editors in the above mentioned list it does require configuration files that has to be edited to do much configuration. The programme also has a very interesting feature for a quick and better CSS editing. You can like the other users try and use hotkey in order to pop out a small section of the HTML page, that will allow you to edit the CSS rules that have been affecting the elements you have selected enabling you to quickly locate the styling problem and then having it fixed without having to embark on a lot of searching around.

Visual code studio

The visual studio code: The visual studio code is generally believed to be a Microsoft cross platform code that has been built using Atom open source components. However Microsoft has removed some of the features and have added some of the best ones. The visual code is even faster when compared to the atom especially when it comes to the start up and running. Visual code is customizable where you can actually find plugins and themes in its official market place. You can have things easily installed from the editor and then begin using them immediately. The visual studio code also comes with built in Git commands that helps the user review the code right from the editor and push and pull from any hosted SCM Service. The visual studio editor also comes with a very interesting feature called as IntelliSense that provides users with a smart completion based variable types, functions, definitions and the last but not the least the imported modules.


Light table

The Light Table: The light Table is generally considered to be a late contender. This crowd funded kick-starter campaign turned out to raise more than $300,000, for Chris Granger & Robert Attorri to come forward and develop the open source editor in the Clojure Script with a Node-web kit wrapper. I am not sure if any one of us have actually used Light Table but with some research being done on the internet I am sure it has started with a good pace to be in the list of the top best free code editor tools for all the developers.

Slick table

Slick Edit: Slick Edit is believed to be one of the most interesting platform and a multi-language code editor that supports more than 60 language within the 9 platforms. Slick edit brings its users a bevy of tools into a single programme say for example the text editor, Groovy, Go, Java, COBOL, HTML, PHP etc. So you are looking out for a powerful and fast code editor then let me tell you that Slick Edit is the right tool for you and your business. The tools can help in loading large files within seconds, and the smart editing features can help in boosting up your productivity. This is a software that generally comes up in two variants one is the slick Edit Standard that is generally considered to be ideal for a single file oriented operations and one of scripts, and the Slick Edit Pro that is generally considered to be the best for the larger and the bigger projects.

Subline text

The sublime text: The sublime text is generally believed to be one of the fastest and light weight cross platform code editor, with all those features and plugins that a developer would actually love. And with its easy to go anything keyboard shortcut, you can actually go ahead and easily jump to any symbol or the line of code within your program. The multiple selection option in the sublime text actually allows you to make several changes with the given period of time, rather than having to going to each and every line in order to correct t the code individually. Built using the powerful tool python API, sublime text welcomes all the different kind of plugins as this is something that is customizable. Sublime text is also available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And one license of this software allows you to use the tool on every computer of your own. You can download and evaluate the software for free however there is a license required for continuous usage. The software can be purchased for 80.00$.


Atom: Atom is generally considered to be a free and an open source editor that is created by GitHub. At first it was believed to be the internal source editor of GitHub, and after a few years they decided to make it public. Atom provides all the developers with many kind of features and it has today turned out to be the most popular code editor for all the developers. Atom also comes with thousands of different packages and themes many of which are actually created by the third party websites. Say for example Tele type is the latest package created by the core team in order to make the real time collaboration possible for all those developers who are in need of a tool in order to pair programming and social coding.


Vim: Vim is generally believed to be one of the most continuous code editor in the list. In short it is a command line software that is included with linux operating systems and macos and can be easily downloaded for windows. Vim is even today considered to be the favourite option for all the old school programmers and the keyboard enthusiasts. This is a program that is generally navigated entirely on the keyboard making it much faster and efficient enough, and the only time is being spent on learning how the tool can be operated. The tool is also extremely customizable to such an extent that a command learning programme can be easily customized. Vim gives you the ability of using too many keyboard short cuts unlike the other tools helping you speed up with the editing of your code, allowing you to create customized commands in order to fit your own editing process.

Off course I would not say that these are the only ones that are available in the market today. But would say that there are many other numerous codes available in the market and are having their own dedicated fan base. And what helps in determining the best is what really comes down to the matter of preferences, when it comes to the developer who is writing the code. As it is said and believed that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and in this case it is in the fingers of the coder.

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