Over the past few years, companies are giving strenuous efforts to UX design while they are planning to design a website. Because a good UX design is very much requisite as it always enhances the efficacy of the emotion, perception and pleasure a visitor feels when he or she is navigating a website. A plethora of statistics claimed that more than 88% of users are unwilling to return a site if they had a bad experience. So, if a company wants to expand its business and customer base, then it needs to pay some attention to UX design. But unfortunately, only a few companies are giving priority to the design. Companies those who are focusing on the design of the websites can easily earn loyalty and trust from their customers which will help them to thrive their growth and visibility.

So, it can be concluded that UX design has already engraved its place as an essential technology for businesses irrespective of their size and the nature of the business. In this article, we are going to mention some of the popular and applauded website design trends that are ruling in the year 2018 and in the coming years.

1.Anticipatory design: Basically, this kind of design reduces the burden on users by taking the decision on their behalf. In this type of design, the system can easily access your data like what choices you have made in the past, in what way you have searched in earlier and what purchases you did. Now, on based on all these previous information, the system has enough capacity to make decisions on your behalf. So, we can say that the anticipatory design simplifies a process for the users by lessening the cognitive or intellectual load. The anticipatory design is getting popular day by day and this design is already implemented in various websites.

2. User-driven stories: Storytelling design is another fruitful way by which a company can easily entice their customers and grab their attention. This type of design (user-driven storytelling) easily connects with your target audience and they will get a clear picturization about your company, its products and services. It is also true that storytelling is not at all a simplistic job. For, this you need to put a lot of effort and time. But if you can pay attention to the details and use your inherent innovation skill to develop and design a compelling and enthralling story for your company or product, then this will not only uplift your brand value but you will also get a lot of engaging customers who will always remain loyal to you.

3. Drop shadows and depth: The use of shadows is not a new-fangled thing in the field of website design. Though the shadows plan an imperative role in the field of web designing in the past, with the progress of web browsers, now you can see some exciting variations of this trend. With grids and parallax layouts, now the efficient website designers are playing with shadows more than ever in order to create depth and the illusion of a world. This has been the direct reaction to the idea of a flat design trend which was popular a couple of years ago. Shadowplay basically creates an astonishing versatile effect which will not only enhance the aesthetics of a web page but also improves user experience (UX) by providing emphasis. For example, you can use soft and subtle shadows as hover states to designate a link. Though this is not a new idea, still if you can combine them with vibrant colour gradients, then this will enhance the three-dimensional effect of the old shadows.

4. Vibrant and bold colour: 2018 is the year where the designers will experiment with the colours to make a website more compelling and to improve the user experience. In the past, many brands and designers were preferred to use web-safe colours. But these days, the designers are becoming confident and courageous in their approach to colours. Now, they are implementing supersaturation and vibrant shades combined with headers that are no longer just horizontal. This trend is helped by technological advances in monitors and devices with screens which are ideal for reproducing richer colours. Vibrant and bold colours are very useful for newer brands because their unique and bold colour will help them to gain the attention of the visitors. But bold colours are also good for the brands who want to establish themselves apart from the web-safe and the traditional colours.

5. Mobile-friendly design: Since this is the era of smartphones and other mobile devices, hence most of the people used to do browsing with their mobile devices. In the past, the users were not so much inclined with the mobile devices and thus, the designers didn’t need to worry to get a decent menu, submenu and sub-submenu for a small screen. But now mobile design has matured enough. With the advancement of technology, now the designers can easily minimize the menu for the small screen. It is true that you need to reduce the size of the beautiful images in the mobile version for optimal usage. But the icons are much more economical in terms of space. With the mobile design, you can easily fix the UX issue and can get an immediate feedback for your design.

6. Big and bold typography: Typography is always considered as a powerful visual tool. This tool can create a personality, arouse emotion, set the tone on a website, and convey all important information. These days the device resolutions are getting sharper and easier to read, thus, it is expected a huge increase in the use of custom fonts. Apart from the internet explorer, many browsers are supporting hand-made typefaces which are enabled by CSS for web browsers. The trend of large letters, contrasting sans serif and serif headings will create dynamic parallels and will improve UX. This will cater to the interests of your visitors and will motivate them to read your website. You should know that the headers are key SEO elements and help to order information for the scanning eyes of readers. Now, let’s check in 2018, how this header text is going to style.

  1. Bolder
  2. Oddly spaced
  3. Transparent
  4. Weirdly misshapen
  5. Haphazardly placed
  6. What other important techniques that the web designers will come up

In 2018, the designers will create more impactful headers to make an impeccable website.

7.Asymmetry and broken grid: Now, the users have an adequate knowledge regarding how a website works.

  1. Use the top navigation to find other pages.
  2. Scroll down to read more information
  3. Click the flat and colourful buttons to know more information

The web designers now have the basic principles with them and thus, they are free to experiment with layouts and grids, using unexpected changes and asymmetrical balance. In this way, they can surprise and delight the uses along their journey. The asymmetrical and broken layouts were introduced in 2017, they will remain strong in 2018 and in the upcoming years. The appeal of the asymmetrical layout is that it is unique, distinctive and sometimes experimental. Though many companies are still preferring the traditional grid-based structure, the brands who want to make a unique experience for them will certainly adopt this new fad. Most of the companies are not interested in this aesthetic, but the bigger brands who can take a little risk and can think some out of the box ideas from their designers will certainly appreciate and adopt this approach.

8.Animation and video: In 2018, animation and the videos will play an important role in your web designing. Since technology is evolving rapidly, many websites are moving from static images and are finding new ways like animations to engage their users and are improving the communication approach. Smaller animations are very useful for engaging the visitors throughout their entire experience on the page. For example, graphics can animate the user while the page is loading, or show the user an interesting hover state from a link. They can also be integrated to work with scrolling, navigation or as the focal point of the entire site. An animation is a great tool which provides the users with the story of a website and allows them to see themselves in the characters. It is expected that 2018 will bring with it more experimental uses of video in the form of cinemagraphs, particle backgrounds, virtual or augmented realities, and even animated thumbnail images.

9. Illustration: illustrations are great and versatile media if you want to create images that are playful, friendly and add a fun element to a site. The experienced and the sagacious artists can make illustrations which are full of personality and tailor-made and can go well with a particular brand’s tone. Illustrations can also be very powerful in bringing more abstract concepts to vivid life in a particular site. The illustration is ideal for businesses that are fun and energetic. It is very helpful for the brands who are struggling to find the small elements of enjoyment and focus on the seriousness of the brand. You need to find a suitable illustration for your brand if you want to conquer your competitors and want to establish your presence firmly in the market.

These are some popular and cutting-edge web designing trends for 2018. But it is true that web designing is a constantly evolving thing, so if you want to become the monarch of your era and want to enhance your customer base, you need to adopt all the changes wholeheartedly.

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