Why is angular JS the best fit for responsive web app development?

With the inundation of the technology, the world is gradually entering towards globalization and digitization. The web app is the preparatory step that is taken by the companies when they have an envisioned to climb towards the globalization. But building a web application is not at all a facile and simple job. A person should possess a sound programming and coding knowledge if he wants to build an impeccable web app. Thus, these days, the developers are adopting various JavaScript frameworks which are faster, efficient, and will make their job easier.

What is AngularJS?

The markets are crammed with many JavaScript frameworks, but you need to choose the best option for you so that you can make high-quality, pristine, and user-friendly web app. AngularJS is a widely applauded open source JavaScript framework which is maintained and developed by Google. Whether you are planning to build an enterprise application development or a responsive applicative development or any type of web development, AngularJS is the utmost option for you.

Like other open source JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS also lessens the overall web application development cost by minimizing programming job. Simultaneously, it also accelerates custom web application development by enabling programmers to express various components of a web application by extending HTML syntax. By supporting two-way data binding, AngularJS has the capacity to update the web application’s UI each time when there is a change in the backend. Now, the developers can further extend AngularJS by integrating it with numerous JavaScript libraries.

Some of the astounding features of AngularJS are

1. Two-way data binding
2. MVC structure
3. Templates
4. Directives
5. Dependency injections
6. Testing

Why is AngularJS the best among all JavaScript frameworks for web development?

The popularity of AngularJS is simply unparalleled when you want to create websites. AngularJS is also used in mainstream development. Moreover, AngularJS has a fine support of a global community of talented and sagacious developers. Let’s unravel the truth behind the popularity of AngularJS as the most used web application development framework.

1. Model View Controller (MVC) architecture: AngularJS is based on MVC model which makes it popular for web development. This is an important feature when you are planning to build dynamic, complex, and user-friendly applications. This JavaScript framework divides logic, process, and UI into separate modules and in this way, it enhances the quality of the code, removes complexities, and gives separation of concerns so that the developers can make the applications in a hassle-free way with a full accuracy. Since AngularJS uses MVC model, thus it is very useful in building large web applications because it keeps user interface and business logic separated.

2. Two-way data binding: Along with MVC AngularJS also supports in two-way data binding. Because of this feature, developers can easily synchronize the data between model and view components without investing any extra effort. AngularJS is capable of updating the web application’s frontend each time whenever there is a change in the backend. Since AngularJS automatically synchronizes the model and view, the web developers don’t need to implement DOM manipulation.

3. Real-time testing of your app: If you are using AngularJS, then you don’t need to wait for a long time to test your app. Because AngularJS comes with real-time and in-built test modules which will give an in-depth functional testing for every module of your app that you have built already. This framework also saves a chunk of time for you as testing goes parallelly with the development procedure.

4. It can build secured and scalable responsive web apps: The popularity of AngularJS among the developer because it can easily present data in the very appealing way. The structure of this JavaScript framework is very hard, robust and flexible and thus, you can comfortably implement third-party libraries and packages. It is true that whenever there is any new framework update, new instalment, or any new technology is introduced, data protection and security of application have become very difficult. So, AngularJS developers should take strict security concerns along with security expression evaluation.

5. Implements Client-side form validation: A web developer can create different types of form by combining HTML, CSS and AngularJS. AngularJS also helps the developers to implement client-side form validation. It has the capacity to monitor both the state of the form and individual text fields. It also sends a notification to the users regarding the current state of the form. The developers can easily validate the form input using standard HTML5 attributes.

6. Can be used as a component of MEAN stack: Most of the developers are adopting AngularJS as a key component of MEAN Stack along with MongoDB, NoSQL database, Express.js and Node.js. MEAN basically helps programmers to write client-side along with the server-side code in JavaScript. Nowadays, more enterprises are showing their proximity to web applications and thus, AngularJS is accepted by developers as a component of MEAN Stack.


7. Maintains the codes and helps the developers to reuse them: AngularJS helps its developers to write various readable and maintainable code by extending HTML syntax. Apart from extending HTML tags, the developers can use a directive in order to develop custom HTML syntax. The models in AngularJS are designed in plain JavaScript objects. Thus, by using this framework, the developers can write clean, readable, maintainable, and testable code. Not only that, AngularJS also allows the developers to reuse the code and also helps them in building more intricated codes for a complex and enterprise level web application.

8. Provides a built-in dependency injection subsystem: Most of the time, front-end developers apply dependency injection tools to inject dependency to an object. This is the most appropriate way by which you can inject an object and make the objects exchange dependencies flawlessly. AngularJS simplifies this job by providing a built-in dependency injection subsystem. This dependency injection subsystem makes the developers job easy and now, they can comfortably replace individual components of the web application.

9. Faster web development: AngularJS is basically a modern JavaScript framework which helps you to build various web applications without spending much time in coding, testing, and deploying. As this is equipped with robust HTML, JavaScript Objects, and dependency injection, it can help you to build web applications in a faster way.

10. Improves server communication: AngularJS is preferred by the web developers because it supports caching and thus, reduces web server load significantly. At the same time, the built-in services that are provided by AngularJS help developers to improve client-server communication. Not only this, the services make it easier for the developers to work with numerous backend systems and solutions. Moreover, the developers can utilize the built-in services to make the data return asynchronously without writing any intricated code.

11. Keeps evolving: AngularJS is maintained and developed by Google and it has many loyal followers and developers. Hence, it keeps evolving to simplify and accelerate web application development process so that the developers can make some appealing and intriguing apps. AngularJS 5 is the latest version which is flooded with many new and interesting features. This new version simplifies the web application development process, eliminates unnecessary code from the application through a build optimizer, and provides the developers with a new HttpClient.

12. You can create single page application: With this JavaScript framework, developers can easily develop fully-responsive single page apps which can render accordingly various platforms and devices. AngularJS offers an improved and better user-experience along with multifarious templates, modules, and UI effects. So, if you want to make an attractive and high-performing single page application, then nothing can be better than AngularJS.

13. Several AngularJS based frameworks: A developer can not only integrate AngularJS with a number of widely used JavaScript libraries, but he also takes advantages of several AngularJS-based frameworks – Suave, PrimeNG, QuantumUI, Semantic UI and UI Bootstrap. The UI components of these AngularJS-based frameworks help web developers to build custom web-based user interfaces effortlessly. Moreover, by using these frameworks, developers can build responsive and cross-browser web user interfaces.

These are the prime reasons behind the popularity of AngularJS in making responsive web app development.

Bootstrapping AngularJs

Now, you have an adequate idea of AngularJs and you must know that this is a JavaScript MVC framework which is maintained and developed by Google. Bootstrapping in AngularJS is nothing but the initialization of Angular app. There are basically two types of bootstrapping AngularJS. One is automatic initialization and the other one is manual bootstrapping using the script.

Auto Bootstrapping

In auto bootstrapping, Angular bootstraps automatically upon the DOMContentLoaded event. When the angularjs script is downloaded to the browser and the document.readyState is set to complete, and bootstrap starts automatically. At this moment, AngularJS looks for the ng-app directive. When the ng-app directive is found then Angular starts operating automatically.

1. This framework loads the module associated with the directive.

2. Creates the application injector.

3. Compiles the DOM starting from the ng-app root element.

This process is known as Auto-bootstrapping.

Manual Bootstrapping

By using angular.bootstrap() function, you can even manually initialize your angular app. This function uses the modules as parameters and should be called within angular.element(document).ready() function. When the DOM is ready for manipulation, then you need to fire the angular.element(document).ready() function.

AngularJS has already inscribed its name as a popular responsive web app development framework and has got huge appreciation from the developers. But like any other JavaScript framework, this also has some pros and cons. A developer needs to integrate AngularJS with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks if he wants to accelerate the web application development process. You can use the latest version of AngularJS which is thronged with many new and improved features to make your web application smoothly and impeccably.

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