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The popularity of mobile platform is thriving day by day and irrespective of their sizes, companies are spending the humongous amount in developing mobile apps which can enhance their brand loyalty and position in the market. Though mobile apps will give you a good mileage, still if you want to conquer your competitors and want to become the monarch of the technology-driven era, then you need a robust and strong custom mobile app. A plethora of statistics has claimed that since 2015 over 85% businesses are using custom app design for developing their business.

As per CDW’s survey report, these days companies are depending more on customized apps in assisting their day to day operations and in accomplishing several business activities like sales support, data access, communications, support, business process, productivity, collaboration, and presentation. That’s why they are hiring some custom app development companies who will give them the best custom apps for Android and iOS platforms.

What is a custom mobile app?

The custom mobile apps are those apps which are partially or fully personalized so that they can meet your business needs. These apps are altered and are designed in a customized way to address a particular audience rather than providing a solution which caters to a large group with variable requirements. This is the prime reason why custom app design is gaining attraction from the consumers and the companies are making a good investment in this app.

What are the core reasons behind the popularity of custom mobile apps? Let’s disinter the facts.

Enhances efficiency: Unlike the other mobile applications, custom apps are utterly business focused. These apps are designed keeping the nature of your business, target group, and the benefits that are associated with your business. According to data, these apps can improve the efficiency of your business by 46%. Moreover, these apps are quite employee-friendly and help them to give the better output and thus, it improves the efficiency of your business. Custom apps also help you to design your entire business strategy and promotional plan as they give you a detailed idea about your audiences, their preference, likings, etc. So, custom apps are highly recommendable for your business, as they help you to expand your business with maximum productivity and minimum workload.

Improves productivity: Productivity is the prime concern for every entrepreneur. And you will be astonished to know that the custom app will uplift the productivity of your business by 41. So, by using these applications, you can enhance the productivity of your products in an efficient way. As per statistics, 74 percent of the customers observed an increase in productivity because of the custom mobile app and all the inefficient tasks have been reduced by 81%. Moreover, 60 percent of customers saw a return on investment from their applications. If you want to make your business more productive, then you must go for custom apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Cost effective: A business can run successfully if it can save costs and expenditure. It has been found that custom apps can save your cost by 29%. Custom apps minimize your employee cost because with these apps you can achieve the same effective work with less labour cost. Moreover, a custom app can act as your marketing and promotional tool. These apps will help you to reach your targeted customers in an effective way. Thus, you don’t need to invest a chunk of money for promotional and advertisement purposes. Your custom app development cost will never burn your pocket. There are many custom app development companies who will provide you with budget-friendly custom apps. Thus, by developing your own custom mobile app, you can utterly enjoy its full control and you don’t need to depend on others for any assistance or anything.

Improves the relationship with your customers: A custom app offers your potential customers a to access your products or services directly. With these apps, you can send personalized updates, offers, notifications related to your products or services to your customers in real-time. You can also get the details of your customers and can receive their feedbacks which will help you to create some better and effective business strategies. Moreover, you dedicated app team will provide 24X7 customer support service and will quickly give solutions to the queries of the customers.

Secure your important data: Security is a pre-requisite factor for you if you want to operate your business smoothly. But with the custom business mobile app, you don’t need to worry about this. Since custom apps are designed for your business only, hence they will provide you with the best security support. You will be happy to know that these custom apps offer you some of the best techniques for securing your imperative and relevant business data. Moreover, you can even decide different levels of security with these applications.

Easy integration with the existing software: General mobile apps may be able to function effortlessly with your current software system. But there is no guarantee for this. Custom mobile apps are built taking into consideration of your current business needs and software model that you are using. Hence, it is guaranteed that they will function aptly without any error and you can easily integrate them with your existing software system.

Easy to maintain: If you are using regular mobile apps for your business operations, then you are certainly risking yourself at the helm of an unknown mobile app developer. If the developer will discontinue the app, then your entire work will get hampered until you find a new app. Thus, you need to discard your current operations. But if you have your own customized business app, then you will get a full control of it and you don’t need to depend on others for anything.

Easy modification and update: One of the prime reasons for the popularity of customized development is that you can get it modified by your developers as per your requirements. They will provide you with after development services also. In future, if you want to update your app, then you can easily get it in free of cost or a minimal amount without any hassle.

Can be used in multiple devices: You will certainly lose a chunk of customers if your application is not compatible with all the devices or will not work properly for any device. But, with the customized mobile application, you don’t need to face this sort of issue because this application will enhance the ability of your application to use multiple devices by 25%. These apps are highly compatible which means you can use them for any device. They will give multifarious approaches through their accessibility to multiple devices.

Helps you in generating revenue: Apps are one of the great sources by which you can generate a good revenue for your business. Since these apps completely serve your business purposes, hence they will enhance the number of downloads, thus it will increase your customer base. You can also charge customers a little extra for any kind of app services or any upgradation. You can even go for an app advertisement which will add an extra income to your pocket. Moreover, these apps are search engine optimized and thus, they increase the conversion ratio, that ultimately uplifts your revenue.

Ease of project management: These days, custom apps play an important role in the success and growth of a company. Custom apps can be installed easily and with these apps, you can keep a real-time check on the progress of your projects and deadlines. You can also send updates comfortably after completion of each phase of the project and can maintain the billing cycle properly. Even when you are traveling, you can easily access all the data of your project with these apps.

Better scalability: It is true that non-custom mobile apps are designed to handle the only restricted number of resources and operations. So, during the expansion of your business, these apps may not be able to take the heavy load. On the other hand, custom mobile apps can work in any situation because they are designed in a customized wat keeping all these things in mind. So, you can easily scale them as per your business requirements.

Add uniqueness: the customized mobile app design will make your app more intriguing and unique. If you developed your business mobile app using the same template or theme, then it will look similar to other existing apps. This will not create any striking impression in the minds of your customers. So, if you want to make a mobile app which is different and can stand out from your competitors’ apps, then custom mobile app development would be the best option for you.

Now, hope you have an adequate knowledge of custom mobile apps and how they can ameliorate the growth of your business. The mobile application has become a necessity for the growth and expansion of any business and if you want the best efficiency then the custom mobile application will certainly be the great option for you. But building a custom mobile app is a daunting task. So, you must choose a reputed and deft custom mobile app development company who will give you the quality customized mobile apps for your business.


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