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The growth of mobile app development is evolving very rapidly and thus, you can find that these days app stores are crammed with a chunk of apps. So, if you want that your app will get the desired success, you need to follow some strong and robust app marketing strategies and techniques. ASO or App store optimization is a popular app marketing technique which will boost your app’s rank in the app stores.

What is ASO?

ASO is the process of optimizing your mobile apps so that they can get higher ranks in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, it will become more visible to the customers. The enhanced visibility will automatically drive more traffic to your app’s page. So, ASO has become an imperative part of a company’s growth and success. Thus, companies are adopting various app store optimization techniques so that they can enhance their customer base.

Why is ASO important?

According to Forrester, 63% apps are discovered through app store searches. If you are not using ASO for your apps, then it would become very difficult for people to notice your app because there are more than 2 million apps in the app stores which are vying with each other in order to get the attention of the customers. So, ASO is your weapon which will not only enhance your app’s rank but also will increase your app’s mileage and visibility. Nowadays, the markets are thronged with many app store optimization services which offer a complete app store optimization techniques to the clients like you.

How to do app store optimization?

Here, we are mentioning some app store optimization tips that you should follow if you want to enhance your app’s rank in the app store’s search results.

1. Know your customers and your competitors: If you want to make a concrete ASO strategy, then you must know your customers and your contenders. You should find how your customers are using your app, what language they are using, what keywords they are typing, what are the reasons for using or downloading your apps, etc. You also need to understand your competitor’s app like what is the uniqueness of their apps, what keywords they are using, why customers are showing their interest in these apps, and many more things. Once you have all the answers with you, then you can only make a robust and stern ASO strategy.

2. Choose low competition keywords: The keywords are the game changer in your ASO. There are millions of apps in the app store. If you want to enhance your app’s visibility and want to get more downloads, then you need to prudently choose your keywords. And for this, you should go for low competition keywords. It is true that popular word must have more traffic than other words, but you will get the repay from these words difficulty. So it would be a wise decision for you if you choose some low competition words to achieve your target. You can use more long tail words to enhance your traffic. Try to use some keywords research tools to find out which keywords have lower competition and search volume so that you can use them for your ASO.

3. Choose a right title for your app: An unique title or name will not only improve your branding but also helps you to get more attention when you are going for ASO. While choosing the title of your app, don’t forget to incorporate your keywords into the title. A plethora of studies has claimed that apps with a relevant keyword in their title ranked, on average, 10.3% higher than apps without a title keyword. Titles in the App Store can be up to 255 characters which means you can incorporate plenty of keywords in the title. But don’t try to incorporate every keyword into your title. Make your title crisp and intriguing because your title is the first and foremost impression on your customers.

4. Make a compelling description of your app: Your app’s description plays an important role in your ASO. This is the part where your users can know about the functions and features of the app. Thus, you need to create some lucrative and compelling content to drive customers to install your app. While writing the description of your app, try to follow the below-mentioned things.

– First three lines of the description should be more intriguing and compelling

– Add keywords in the description

– Mention the features, benefits, and uses of your app

– Give your app link in the description

– Mention the updates

5. Give a unique app icon: There is an endless list of apps in the store, so your visual icon is the first impression which you can’t ignore. When you are planning to design your icon, both App store and Google play have different approaches. For iOS, the icon size should be at least 1024×1024 pixels. From here, the Apple OS will resize your icon for any other applications, including app icons (180×180), navigation icons (66×66), and tab bar icons (75×75).

6. Include some beautiful screenshots: Like an app icon, screenshots can create a great impact on the inherent feelings of your audiences. It is also true that the screenshots can show the function and feature of your app indirectly. When you are planning to optimize your app, take consideration of the screenshots. You can upload up to five screenshots for an iOS app, but only first two or three screenshots will show in the gallery on the page. So, try to upload first two images with high-resolution screenshots because they can convince your customer to browse the other screenshots or download them.

7. Use video to get more customers: Several studies have claimed that 55% customers more easily be influenced by the video advertising. So, video plays a pivotal role in your app store optimization. You can create an effective and attractive video to describe the features and functions of your app. Then, put this video on several social media channels to get more users who will install your app.

8. Use good ratings and reviews: This is another effective app store optimization technique which will drive more traffic to your app page. You can go for the third-party publicity or you may use your own user base of some paid reviews in order to get high-quality ratings which will boost your app’s rank.

9. Update your app frequently: Customers prefer those mobile apps which are improving frequently with regular updates based on the feedback of the customers. Apps that are updated on a regular interval basis get a higher value and more customer-centric. So, try to upgrade your app based on the reviews and feedback. An improved version of the app will certainly get higher ratings than the older versions.

App store optimization tools

If you are planning to go for ASO, then the right app store optimization tools will help you in achieving your goals and will increase your app’s visibility so that it will get downloaded by more users. Here, we are mentioning some of the eminent app store optimization tools which play an important role for the betterment of your business.

App Annie: You can use this tool to measure, test and optimize your keywords which will improve your app’s visibility and boost downloads. The key features of this tool are advanced search filters, keyword tracking, keyword ranking analysis, competitor tracking, etc. This tool is absolutely free for the users.

Tune: Establish in 2009, Tune embraces the developers with an app store optimization tool to boost organic search results by optimizing the apps. Some of the core features of this tool are keyword suggestions and tracking, track competitor’s keywords, A/B testing, and many more. You need to contact them to know the subscription fees.

App Radar: This is another prime tool which will help you in your app store optimization process. There are currently two modules of this tool and they are an App Radar Publisher and App Radar ASO-Tool. Some of the features of this tool are keyword tracking, ranking, edit app store metadata, etc. This tool is chargeable though there is 14 days free trial available for the users.

The Tool: this is one of the best app tools for ASO. The key features are keyword ranking, keyword tracking, conversion rates, and many more. There is a free 30-day trial version for the users but then the price starts at $29 per month.

ASO desk: This is another eminent ASO tool. The core features are keyword analytics, Keyword chart, keyword explorer, competitor analysis, etc. Though you can start with the free version, later you need to pay $ 69 per month.

Every company should adopt app store optimization techniques to boost their apps’ rankings in the app store search pages. The algorithm of Apple is changing from time to time, so you need to stay updated with the latest news about Apple Store and try to explore some new and innovative app store optimization techniques to optimize your app.

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