Magento is the leader and one of the most applauded e-commerce platforms. According to BuiltWith, nearly 13 % of the top 10,000 online stores are using Magento to uplift their online presence and sales volume. Though Magento is an outstanding platform to create a multi-functional and sleek store, the default search feature is not properly equipped with all the features specially for those stores which have a chunk of products. That’s why many E-commerce companies are planning to integrate search services through extensions.

These search services include several features and they will help the online stores to operate their businesses and operation in a hassle-free way.

      • Relevance: This gives relevant results to search terms
      • Autocomplete: This feature gives relevant suggestions while the user types something
      • Misspellings: This feature accepts misspellings and will show results with corrected spelling.
      • Synonyms: This feature provides you with the results for similar terms. For example, if you are searching for earbuds, you will get options including earphones too.
    • Speed: Enhances your search speed and provides you with the quick results.

Now, we are going to describe some popular Magento e-commerce extensions which will make your Magento e-commerce site more powerful, robust, and more successful.

      • Dotmailer: The dotmailer is a versatile magento extension. This is basically a complete email and multi-channel marketing platform which helps you to reach your target customers through some popular communication channels like email, SMS and push notifications. This extension has the capacity to synchronise a wide range of valuable visitor and customer data ( browsing history, wish list information, shopping cart contents, order data, etc.). With the help you these imperative data, you can create a personalized marketing campaign and can give the tailor-made offers to your customers which they are looking for. Dotmailer also allows you to send transactional communications like welcome, post-purchase, and loyalty emails.
      • Smart search: This extension is powered by Searchanize search service. It gives the results instantly as customers search, autocompletes search terms, and also tolerates misspellings. This includes search term synonyms, relevant products and categories, and special offers in search results. Search results often include a product image so that the customers can find their search items easily. This search extension service is free for less than 25 products. If your site contains a plethora of products, then you need to pay a subscription fee of $9-$54/month depending on how many products you have in your store.
      • Yotpo Magento extension: A plethora of statistics has claimed that more than 70% of buyers will read a review before purchasing anything. And 60% of them prefer to buy from the sites which have customer reviews. So, it can be concluded that customer-generated reviews are valuable if you want to enhance your business. The more reviews you have, you will get more trust more from visitors. Moreover, these reviews give you unparalleled insight into the products and services that you are offering to your customers. With the help of this review and feedback, you can improve your service and curate your stock in such ways so that it will look more appealing and alluring to your customers. By using Yotpo extension, you can encourage your customers to leave product reviews for other buyers. Yotpo not only enhance the number of reviews, it also presents them in an attractive way both on your website and on other social media channels.
      • Magento One Page Checkout: It is true that if your checkout process is intricated, then you will certainly lose a lot of potential customers. The One page check out extension is the most ideal way by which you can prevent customer drop-off before they click the ‘pay now’ button. This extension compresses the multi-page checkout process into a single user-friendly page. This is made by an Ajax loading feature. This feature makes the checkout process quickly and decreases cart abandonment. It also features an excellent mobile-friendly checkout. Moreover, this extension also provides you with the customer tracking which means now you can see where your users came from. This works well with a variety of payment gateways including PayPal, Sage Pay, and Brain Tree.
      • Zendesk Chat: The popularity of online chat is increasing over the past few years for e-commerce sites. With the help of it, in real-time, you can answer your customer’s questions about products whilst they are still on your site. This makes an agile communication channel than email or telephone. If you want to deliver an unparalleled customer service and support, then nothing can be better than an online chat. It can ensure the customer gets the right product for their needs and budget and can prevent them from leaving your site. If you can answer all their questions satisfactorily, then they will remain loyal to you. The Zendesk live chat extension gives a responsive chat widget which can be configured to respond to visitor behaviour. With its help, you can even message your online visitors at key times during their visit. It also provides you with the analytics so that you can track how visitors are using your site.
      • Search Autocomplete and suggest: This extension gives the relevant search results after three characters are typed by the visitors. The results are shown as a dropdown list so that the customers don’t need to navigate to a separate results page. With help of this extension, the potential customers can search by product attribute or quality, suggested search terms, and tags. There are many ways by which an online business can customize this extension to adjust the search functionality. By using this extension, they can even exclude out of stock products from search results. This extension is not free and you need to pay $99 for this.
      • Bronto: Bronto is created by a prodigious software company, Oracle. Bronto is another exceptional email marketing extension. It is true that the e-mail marketing is one of the highest converting e-commerce techniques and has the best ROI, thus, by using this application you can create a big impact on your sales volume and profit. Bronto has the capacity to help you in implementing powerful email marketing strategies which are solely focussed on developing sales funnels. Using this extension, you can create targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns which will help you to convert your buyer into the loyal and repeated customers. In this way, you can enhance your revenue and profit. Bronto uses data (search history, past order history, product preference, etc. ) like dotmail and helps you to send customized recommendations to your customers.
      • Pixlee Magento extension: With the help of this extension, you can add user-generated content like customer photos and videos directly to product and category pages. This will make your reviews more appealing by adding video reviews and images to it. Pixlee also helps you to track your campaign performance so that you can gain all the important information regarding how your customers are interacting with the images and videos that you have added.
      • Ultimate Sphinx search: This uses the Sphinx search service to create a search experience that is highly accurate, relevant, and gives the results from the first letter. By using this, the potential customers can search product categories, tags, SKUs, and many more. This extension also creates a drop-down box of search results with product names and images. If there are no search results, Ultimate Sphinx Search embraces the customers with the suggestions. This extension also uses Ajax to accelerate the search process.
      • WordPress integration by FishPig: you may find a chunk of e-commerce sites generate sales through content marketing. A Fishpig Magento extension is a great way by which you can integrate your existing WordPress blog with your Magento site. This extension goes well with all versions of Magento and you don’t need to modify any coding on either Magento or WordPress. For SEO, you also easily keep the original blog post URLs which means your posts won’t lose page rank. Hence, there will be no need to redirect from one site to another.
    • Smile.io loyalty program: The success of an online store depends on how frequently the customers used to come back to the store. If you want to encourage a repeated visit, then you need to create a rewards program for your customers. Smile.io is a Magento extension which will make this possible. Depending on your needs, this extension can create simple and quickly put together loyalty programs. If you need some advanced program, then you can develop more intricate ones. Your loyalty program will assist in retaining existing customers and also helps you to acquire new customers for your business.

These are some powerful and helpful Magento extensions which comprise a set of tools. If you can integrate them, then together they can boost the sales volume of your store and improve the functionality of your site. But, you need to prudently choose these extensions which are relevant and will meet all your marketing needs.

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