In the past couple of years, the world of internet and technology has been evolving. There have been significant changes that are going to revolutionize the business world forever and for better. We have been using machines that are programmed to follow human instructions (well-known fact). Now, the enhancement has reached a point, wherein algorithms are developed which can analyse data and act smarter.This is an era of artificial intelligence (AI), the latest, simple definition for AI is that it is a collaboration of machine learning and deep learning (deep learning, is a fresh breakthrough). Many of us, either have heard of the term or have read some articles on what AI is, and how it is bound to change the world. Though, we are yet to figure out how this can be applied to our daily lives or our businesses for better sales. The fact is that many of the big giants, including Google, Facebook, and the e-commerce sites such as, Amazon and Alibaba, and others have already started implementing AI for their business.

Citing a simple example for your understandability, on Amazon, say, you have made a purchase, the next time you return for making another purchase, you can see some recommendations on the basis of your previous purchase or browsing history on the site which most of the time helps you, may be even surprise you, ever wondered how this happens.

This is AI.


Now you know that AI is not robotics or the one you relate it to from all those sci-fi movies that you watch.

Experts assume that by the year 2020, AI will handle all the business functionalities, including answering emails, social media interactions, phone calls and even chats, without any possible human interference.

How Can We Implement AI To Change The Face Of Your Business?

1. Building a sales-process model that actually works

AI integration into CRM: this is one of the most sophisticated methodologies for improvising your sales-process model. How does this work? Imagine that you want to draft a sales message and ensure that it reaches only the interested customers (or target audience), then by integrating AI into CRM, you are ensuring that all the right people will read your message.

This could help you with multitasking, such as answering customer queries, identifying what they are expecting from your business solutions and customizing a perfect solution, ultimately resulting in improved sales.

  2. Customizing personalized customer experiences

There is always information that gets stored in the cyberspace captured during the previous interactions and this is what AI is utilizing here. The actionable sales insights provide the AI with an idea of the customer behavior through their user journey. This is what is applied to create intelligent customer engagements, wherein the customers will experience a personalized process flow, which also helps in building trust.

Intuitive intelligence is applied to creating personalized messages to engage customers with your business.

 3. Potential customers can’t be missed out

There are moments when a user wanders or browses across specific components or areas of your website, for example, if it is an e-commerce website, it can be a product. But, never made a purchase.

They never returned. So, there could be something that went wrong or the customer forgot about it.

This dwell time will be used whenever the customer happens to visit the next time and the process will be simplified such that this time the consumer will never leave without making a decision in favor of your business sales.

4. Automation: As companies are showing proximity to artificial intelligence, hence they are outsourcing their work to the machines which are automated fully. As a result, this became a threat to the unskilled workers or blue-coloured job people because they will lose their job. Since the AI will replace them, the company will be benefited as a lot of money can be saved which the company can utilize in hiring some skilled and adroit persons in the missing areas.

Though the AI is beneficial in many cases, when the businesses move on to the next level of efficiency and complexity, then how the machines will make certain decisions under these circumstances? People need to decide which algorithms should be used to solve this issue. Undoubtedly, this is a big concern that you need to think and because of this issue, you can’t blindly trust AI. In order to reconcile this issue, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has introduced a new type of artificial intelligence algorithm that can handle any situation and can draw the conclusions.

5.Cloud computing: The companies are already familiar with cloud technology and how this technology helps the companies in storing data. But now the biggest dream is that how AI will improve cloud technology? IBM, one of the prodigious cloud companies hopes that the fusion of AI and cloud computing will be innovative and this new trend will certainly accentuate the growth. The cloud will provide AIs with the information which they need to learn and acquire, while on the other hand, AI will deliver information that can give a cloud more data. This symbiotic relationship can emphasize the growth and development of AI, and instigates the cloud companies like IBM to delve into AI research.

6. Deep learning: Deep learning is basically a part of the broader family of machine learning methods which is generally based on learning representations of data. It is true that deep learning has empowered many practical applications of Machine Learning and expands the growth of AI in many fields. Deep Learning breaks down tasks in such ways which can easily accomplish by all kinds of machines. Automatic cars (driverless cars), better preventive health care, even better movie recommendations, everything can be done with deep learning. Even with the help of deep learning, AI may penetrate to the science fiction state that you can’t image a few years before.

7. Data monsters: Now, instead of making simple and facile machines which can only act as checkers, the companies are giving priority to building intelligent machines or supercomputers which have a proper data on it to learn. Hence, more and more companies are opting for data harvesting and are developing better algorithms which can run easily on the new machines. But most of the time, these machines need a human assistance like giving input etc. So, it can be concluded that the humans won’t be extirpated utterly with the rise of AI. It would be very interesting to be a part of such smart and an intelligent machine that can make a drastic impact on the society.

 8. AI chatbot: The artificial intelligence chatbot is basically a virtual help desk that supports the concerned company in providing the answers to their customers’ queries immediately. This system is available for 24X7 which means the customers can chat with them anytime and from any location in the world and get instantaneous replies from them. With these chatbots, the customers no need to wait for a live support person to answer their calls or queries. It has been also found that human beings often need a break or they might have other works and thus, sometimes the customers have to wait to get the answer to a particular question. Many times, the customers get annoyed or may lose the patients and if this goes on, then the company will lose its valuable customers and moreover, it will also tarnish their brand image. In this fast-paced world, no one has enough time to wait for a response, but with the availability of such kind of support, the customers will prefer to visit the website again and again. Hence, the companies are adopting these chatbots which will appease the customers by giving a prompt reply to their query or question.

As AI is emerging day by day, so we can now use it to another extent also.

These are some of the rewards of AI and their implementation can help businesses achieve their objectives is what makes it demanding and popular.

Are you ready to embrace the change?

The future of AI is very bright and scintillating as the scientists and the technical experts are inventing latest and advanced technologies day by day. The tech gurus have also indicated that 2018 could be the year when AI will try to establish its ubiquitous presence in everywhere and will continue to thrive day by day.

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Nowadays, technology has upped the ante, continuing to win the hearts and minds of the users and making them cherished and happy. The advent of the artificial intelligence has made a dramatic impact on everyone’s life. These days, AI has been penetrated to the core of the life and its reshaping the life. AI is not only improving your personal life but it has a great impact on the business life also. The companies are embracing this new trend contentedly as they believe that the new trends will help them in flourishing their businesses and will also open multifarious opportunities in front of them.

So, the future of AI is very scintillating. The biggest tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM have formed a partnership for the research and development of AI. Let’s take a look how AI is changing your life?

The rise of digital assistant and speech analytics: Speech analytics or digital assistant is changing your life utterly. This will also provide a chunk of benefits to the businesses also. As the name suggests, this is the thing where the speech of the customers and clients is recorded and analyzed to extract some meaningful insights which will help the companies to understand their customers in a better way. With the help of this analysis, the companies can satisfy their customers and can reach the zenith of successes. Business areas such as marketing, sales, operations and customer support can get benefitted from this analysis. A company will get immense benefits if it can implement the automated speech analytics into the quality management and quality assurance areas. Because it will strengthen their customer relationship. Apart from this, speech analytics or digital assistant will also provide the detailed and the critical information which is vital and important to the managers. By utilizing and analyzing all this information the managers can train the representatives so that they can interact with the customers in a sophisticated and improved way. Speech analytics gives companies a more accurate and perfect view of tone, context, emotion, and overall sentiment.

Now, many companies are investing in speech analytics which will boost up their growth and productivity. Apple recently acquired VocallQ to improve its Siri software. VocallQ is crammed with many features and it trains people how they need to talk by asking questions from a list of prompts. VocalIQ can record 10,000 dialogues and performs in a much better way than Siri and Cortana in testing.

Everyone will have a virtual assistant: Personal assistant AIs will work in a smarter way. As they will know much more about your daily routines, hence they will serve you in a better way. They are equipped with all the relevant and imperative information about you. Your AI assistant should know what you like, what you have stored in your pantry, which days of the week you like to cook at home, etc. They also ensure you that all the necessary groceries will wait at your doorstep when you are coming back from your office. Kuri, a robot which is designed by Mayfield Robotics can perform many household activities properly. Kuri is equipped with pet and person detection features, so she gives smile when they are around her. Kuri has many other features also like moment selection, place recognition, etc. Kuri can provide entertainment too. She can play music, podcast, audiobooks, etc, for you. Kuri is your family photographer and thus, she used to roam around your house and keeps recording so that no one is left out. To accomplish all these jobs, Kuri uses vision and deep learning.

Chatbot: AI has also made a great impact on the businesses and chatbot is the latest entrant in this realm. The artificial intelligence chatbot or chat-robot is a computer program that simulates human conversations, which are often powered and controlled by artificial intelligence. Nowadays, many organizations are adopting these chatbots so that they can provide a continuous customer support whenever is required. Hence, they are using the chatbots as knowledge assistants and business advisors. The artificial intelligence chatbot is basically a virtual help desk that supports the concerned company in providing the answers to their customers’ queries immediately. This system is available for 24X7 which means the customers can chat with them anytime and from any location in the world and get instantaneous replies from them. With these chatbots, the customers no need to wait for a live support person to answer their calls or queries.


Automation: As companies are showing proximity towards artificial intelligence, hence they are outsourcing their work to the machines which are automated fully. As a result, this became a threat to the unskilled workers or blue-colored job people because they will lose their job. Since the AI will replace them, the company will be benefited as a lot of money can be saved which the company can utilize in hiring some skilled and adroit persons in the missing areas.

A few months back Amazon had launched a store with no cashiers and many other illustrious companies like Google are showing their interests in automation. Google is doing some experiments with the self-driving cars so that it can become the monarch of the new era.

As the companies are showing their proximity towards the automation and machine learning, the job and career of many people are in the danger zone. The automation and machine learning will make an adverse effect in the sectors like healthcare, real estate, logistics, transportation and manufacturing industry. The people who are associated with these sectors will suffer the most as the robots and automation will going to extirpate them from their jobs. So, it can’t be denied that the automation will make a huge impact on the employment sector. Tractica, an eminent market research company, conducted a study and they analyzed near about 200 cases of AI and its impact on the jobs. At the end of their study, they concluded that 13% of the jobs will get highly affected by AI, 19% of the jobs will have the medium effect of AI and 68% of the jobs have a lower impact of AI.

Which sectors or industries will be affected by AI?

Below, we are mentioning the name of some sectors which will be hugely affected by AI.

The healthcare industry will be affected immensely by AI. Because AI will control the entire hospital administration, patient’s records, clinical records etc. So, the persons who are associated with these kinds of jobs might not be happy with the AI as AI will take away their jobs. Moreover, AI will give the patients a detailed idea about their diseases and will also recommend a better treatment method. Thus, the doctors will find that their roles and responsibilities are augmented with AI.

With the invention of autonomous taxis, driverless trucks, and delivery drones, the transport and logistics industry will change radically.

AI will make everything automated and mechanical so people those who are into these jobs are in the danger zone.Manufacturing industry, travel, e-commerce, etc. are the other sectors that will become automated with AI.

AI saves the time and energy: By assisting you in your house works, AI saves a chunk of time for you. Not only that, AI is very beneficial for the companies and it will save companies considerable time by doing tasks and collecting data from various resources. AI provides them with the data-driven decisions in a much faster way than human beings can do. So, it can be concluded that AI is capable of doing many things that we can never imagine in our life. Another core benefit of using AI is that it helps you to get rid of all the repetitive works. You can take the example of chatbot which can solve the customer’s query very effectively and thus, can free up human staff from their jobs. By eliminating all the repetitive works from your life, AI motivates you to keep the focus on the creative and other high-quality efforts. In this, AI helps you to save a lot of energy which you can utilize in another way.

AI increases productivity and improves the quality of life: By freeing the folks from the repetitive works, AI encourages them to solve the complex and intricate issues. This enhances the productivity of the businesses now are getting the best solutions for their problems that they won’t get in the earlier days. With each wave of technological advancement, you are getting a better life. Now, AI is the latest inclusion in this technological realm. With AI, you are getting better-personalized healthcare, more efficient energy use, improved food production capabilities, enhanced job opportunities with less humdrum work, and many more things. So, it can be concluded that AI is improving the productivity and the quality of life.

Though the benefits of AI are fathomless, still it can’t match with the intelligence of human beings because it can’t think, create, and explore anything. AI is not very robust, powerful or sophisticated as we think. AI may not able to deliver an unimpeachable result. So, there will be an enormous gap that the people used to do in their jobs and what AI will do at the same place. Though AI will take away some jobs, but you will certainly get some opportunities where you can get new jobs and opportunities to explore.

Still, the future of AI is very bright as the scientists and the technical experts are inventing latest and advanced technologies day by day. The tech gurus have also indicated that 2018 could be the year when AI will try to establish its ubiquitous presence in everywhere and will continue to thrive day by day.

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Why AI cant write this blog

So, are you among those who believe that AI or Artificial Intelligence is intelligent enough? If yes, be ready to get your known facts turned false in this article. The former professor and an avid researcher Roger Schank once came up with a proposal related to AI. He stated that a computer being the best example of AI should be capable of watching the West Side Story and also recognize the actual plot of the famous Shakespearean drama Romeo and Juliet. He along with his team of students relied on the fact that the stories are completely central to reasoning, intelligence and the moral. But the result Schank came up with is quite shocking. According to him, AI is at all intelligent to the extent people consider.

Feature On AI

An article published by HBR.org on Artificial Intelligence is looked upon as an ironically reliable example of the type of work that the computers are incapable of doing yet. Two experts after carrying out years of research using their experience formulated a thesis by assembling all the evidence and come up with this article. Before you go ahead reading a short review on this, remember that neither the fact that a software is incapable of writing an article is something to demean it nor it is something that won’t ever be transformative. Instead, it is just an image that shows the exact manner in which machine learning technologies or AI functions, their pros and cons and how can you develop them into good writing tools for use in the future.

Predictions- They Are Annoying Enough

Today, Artificial Intelligence functions by simply formulating the tasks as some prediction issues and then straightaway using the statistical measures and enough quantum of data for making some more predictions. Auto-complete or auto typing is one such prediction issue that is text-based. And there is hardly anyone who hasn’t yet experienced such an issue while typing a text on the mobile or computer. When a research work was conducted, a lady stated that whenever she began typing “I” in any text message, her phone comes up with some suggestions like “was”, “will”, “am” etc. Now how does this happen? As stated before, your phone is relying on the statistical and data modeling for predicting the next thing coming up.

Now, this is not a fact worth appreciating. The lady continued saying that once she choose the word “was”, the phone came up with the next text prediction- “working”, “sleeping”, “eat”… Once a word is chosen, without giving any space it moves on with its next prediction and finally ends up causing a typing error. No no, it is not that she entered a wrong text. But the phone ends up thinking that your entered message is a mistake you made on your part and comes up to solve it by using its prediction- which possesses the capability of turning the actual meaning of your message into completely a different one.

Prediction issues in case of machine learning are termed as ‘supervised learning’. Now while this is helpful when you are a bit confused with the spelling of some specific word, it is really annoying when you are cautiously typing a text and some words are automatically getting altered as a result of the predictions being made by the phone.

However, it is not the prediction problem which is why AI is said incapable of writing a blog or magazine feature. In a recent conference conducted on Artificial Intelligence & Journalism, Sam Bowman, a professor serving at the New York University stated that giving shape to the concept of generating long coherent texts irrespective of the same reflecting a very clear meaning is something beyond expectation at least within the next few years. Researchers have revealed that machine learning is capable of generating coherent texts only in certain specific settings. However, building real-time systems capable of going all way from a certain abstract idea into a complete coherent text is something that still seems difficult.

For illustrating this difficulty, bowman adhered to a screenplay which was titles Sunspring and was written with the help of machine learning. This script was finally generated by adhering to few dozens of Sci-Fi screenplays into one neutral network which means that the specific units of data which the algorithm was then learning from were nothing but a single text or character.
Given all the characters which came beforehand, the algorithm was using the same to make a prediction of the characters which can come up next. And the result? Well, it’s enough to make you dye laughing with the sense they generated. And thus Sunspring written using AI never managed to display itself as a complete story.

Artificial Intelligence Generated Summaries

Summaries are one section of writing whereby machine learning has already shown some progress. Analysing and coming up with the essential parts of a particular text and helping with the production of a summary is looked upon as one of the common most writing tasks. Talking of the Press or Journalist teams, they compile certain clips together to form a complete news package for the day while reporters at the time of writing stories summarize prior developments, the editors summarize chapters and so. Now some part of this work can be done using machines and the tech firms and startups are seemingly in a race to come up with products and tools that can help in making it highly accessible.

Talking about the auto-summarization method, it usually fits into either of these categories- abstractive or extractive. The extractive method attempts to identify the important sentences from a bunch of few sentences and then come up with the creation of a summary by simply placing them one after the other. However, the modern versions related to this technique are a bit complicated but the actual idea which was introduced by Hans Peter Luhn in 1985 in IBM offers a concrete sense towards the approach. According to him, words which are most used in any document are the ones which offer some concrete clues to the subject of the document. Hence the sentences containing these commonly used words are looked upon as the most representative of such documents- and by extracting these sentences and getting them combined into one single paragraph, you can head with the creation of a concrete summary.

The Future of AI & Writing

When AI is there for over years, why didn’t the same proof capable in the field of writing even in the imperfect form? One reason judging the same is the culture. However many writers consider there is no need for such kind of tools. Also, computer scientists never seemed concerned with the fact about how people are going to appreciate and favor their work. In the words of Ani Nenkova, in case of auto-summarization, the main focus remains on accuracy improvement instead of thinking regarding how this technology can be used in a particular tool that people can put to use in reality.

Another essential factor is money which most of the newsrooms and writers lack. Finance is a major area whereby machine learning has made a great impact because money in large portion has been there for giving it shape. And the ultimate reason that these tools couldn’t make enough of a dent in case of writing is just that whatever results have been extracted didn’t prove good enough for serving the readers consistently.

Wrapping Up

Enough though there are drawbacks when it comes to writing using AI, it cannot be denied that now technology is undergoing numerous changes and you can surely expect to get in hand something far better in the next few years.

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