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Some of the apps work wonders, while the rest fade away with no notice. If you are planning to design one then there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before you set out.

Firstly, you need to identify and analyze why many of the mobile apps that were designed with a lot of precision and effort failed to grab the eyeballs. The reason is obvious – either the apps were too complicated to deal with – user experience (UX) denied and/or the content was never helpful.

Here, we are going to introduce you to some of the tried-and-proven techniques for building mobile apps that will actually win the hearts of your end users:

Planning And Strategizing

No ideas were executed successfully in this universe without planning. This happens only when you have done an in-depth research.

– Start thinking from the perspective of the app type that you will be launching

– Research your competitors

– Get a list of all those similar mobile apps that are hot and trending, and find out the reason behind their success

– Examine the market data from the previous years to find out more about customer requirements and behaviour.

– Research for latest market trends along with competitor, consumer and other details

While you have answers to the entire above-mentioned list, the next step is to defining the purpose of the app. Once you find out why you need it, your job becomes much easier as with the reason become clearer – you will be able to identify your consumer category, which forms the crux of any business.

Now that you are aware of who your audiences are, it becomes easier to build your product targeting their needs. Also, keep in mind, apart from the customer criteria that you have identified – there are also the majority criteria, comprising of teenagers and others, who use Smartphones (97% of users) – to be considered when designing your app.

Next Is Deciding The Features For Your App

The features are directly proportional to the usability of your app, which will ultimately decide the UX and how long it will stay in the market.

How do you determine the success of these features that your app features? Explore the rate of success of your app, by researching on how useful the features will be at solving the consumer’s problems.


Prioritizing The Features

Each of the features needs to be organized on the basis of their priority. Arranging these according to the preferred order or the order in which the consumer will move through helps in the success of your app.

Next Is Incorporating The Ideas Of Others

Once you have prioritized the features, the next thing you should be doing is getting feedback and suggestions from your team members. But, this might result in project failure and the scenario is often referred to as scope creep, which can be avoided by defining the product features leaving no loopholes for the requirement of introducing a modification in future

Social Sharing features Are Imperative

As you are aware, this is one of the social media has become the part and parcel of business success. You need to add social sharing features that will help connect you to the users on the different social media sharing platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and others.

User Interface (UI) And Functionality

The most important UI app features that will engage your users happen when you introduce UI-driven functionalities. All this comprises of page accessibility, buttons and functionality that are user friendly.

You can improvise your app by implementing certain additional features that include backup data integration, special offers and coupons.

Internet Speed

The first thing you need to remember when developing apps is that it should be able to function well on devices with all kinds of internet speed. So, ensure that your app is functional across phones with 3G/2G or even slower networks.

These are some of the tricks that you need to keep in mind when developing your apps and ensuring that they are successful.

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