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If you don’t possess any expertise in your web development team, then it would be an arduous job for you to meet the ever-growing demands of the web market. To establish a firm web presence, you need to stay updated with the changing trends in the web world so that you can deliver your customers with the best results.

Laravel is an open-source web-based PHP application framework with expressive and elegant syntax that can make a web application more user-friendly, accessible and enchanting. Generally, Laravel developers use native Laravel functions to develop various web application development projects so that they can provide the clients with the best cutting-edge solutions.

Why laravel is the top PHP framework? Let’s unravel the facts.

Here, we discuss some of the features of Laravel and why it is on the top list of PHP Frameworks, 2018.

1. MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture support: This is the prime reason why Laravel is considered the best PHP framework for large-scale applications. Laravel supports MVC architecture like Symphony. This architecture ensures clarity between logic and presentation. This architecture enhances the performance and it allows for better documentation. Built-in functionalities ease the development process.

2. Object-Oriented Libraries: Laravel has Object Oriented libraries and many pre-installed libraries which you don’t find in other popular PHP frameworks. Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. Though you can easily implement it, it comprises of many advanced features like checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. Laravel contains facades and helper which have many benefits. Facades provide a terse and memorable syntax which helps you to use various features of Laravel without remembering long class names. Laravel also includes a helper function which helps you to accomplish many common tasks like firing events, generating views, dispatching jobs or sending HTTP responses to the server.

3. Artisan Console: Laravel will certainly inscribe its name in the top position as a PHP framework list, 2018 for the built in a tool known as Artisan console. Artisan is basically the command line interface in the laravel which helps developers to get rid of all the tedious and time-consuming programming tasks that they need to perform manually.

4. Modular Packages: Laravel is built over 20 different libraries which are again split up into various modules. By using modern PHP principles, developers can easily develop responsive and modular user-friendly applications.

5. Template Engine: Laravel will be definitely considered as the best PHP framework for beginners. Laravel’s lightweight templates help the developers in creating some astounding layouts which include dynamic content seeding. Laravel templates include different widgets that have CSS and JS code. The web templates of Laravel are used for simple webpage design with separate areas. A blade is a facile and robust templating engine provided with Laravel and this is certainly one of the prime features of Laravel. Unlike controller layouts, Blade is impelled by template inheritance and sections.

6. Unit Testing: Basically, Laravel is built with unit testing in mind. Support for testing with PHPUnit is included out of the box, and a phpunit.xml file is already set up for your application.

7. Routing: Routing won’t be difficult with Laravel and thus, you can easily approach routing. You can easily trigger route in the application with good flexibility and control to match the URL.

8. Authentication: Authentication is an imperative part of any web application and thus, web developers invest a chunk of time in writing the authentication code. In Laravel 5, authentication has become simpler and easy for the developers.

9. Http Middleware: This feature provides a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests to enter your applications.

10. URL Generations: Laravel offers you with several helpers which assist you in generating URLs for your application. These are useful when you are in the process of building links in your templates, API responses and when generating redirecting responses to other parts of your application.

11. Eloquent ORM: Laravel comes with a beautiful eloquent ORM which provides a simple ActiveRecord implementation for working with your database. Each database table comprises of a Model which is basically used to interact with that table.

12. Eloquent Mutator: Mutators allow you to format the values of an eloquent attribute when you are planning to retrieve or set them on model instances.

13. Collection: Collection in Laravel provides a fluent, easy and convenient wrapper for working with the arrays of your data.

14. Security: Laravel extensively takes care of the security. It uses a salted and hashed password and thus, the password will never save as the plain text in your database. Laravel also uses bcrypt hashing algorithm in order to generate an encrypted representation of a password. The security features that Laravel offers are:


CSRF protection( Laravel helps you to protect your application from Cross-site forgery attacks. In cross-site forgeries unauthorized commands are performed on behalf of an authenticated user.)

API Authentication (Passport) [ Laravel protects API authentication by using laravel passport which provides a full Oauth2 server implementation for your application]

Gates (Laravel also provides gates protection. Gates are closures which determine if a user is authorized to perform a given action or not)

15. Database Migration: Every developer’s job is to keep the database in sync between development machines and this is a quiet tiresome job. But with Laravel database migrations, it can become very easy for you. Here, you can keep all of the database work in migrations and seeds. You can comfortably migrate the changes into any other development machine that you have. This is another core reason which makes Laravel the top PHP framework benchmark, 2018.

16. Caching: Caching is a temporary data storage place where you can stockpile data and can retrieve it as per your need. It will lessen your time when you need to access your database or other remote services. This tool keeps your application fast and responsive.


17. Easy to Maintain: Laravel follows a module structure and thus, you can easily maintain it. A laravel website requires only minimal level of maintenance.

18. Rapid and Secure: Laravel speeds up your web development process and thus, it is considered the rapid development PHP framework. Laravel comes up with an array of secure authentication tools, so Laravel is a very secured framework.

19. Task Scheduling: In earlier, you need to generate Cron entry for each task that you need to schedule on your server. But Laravel provides you with the scheduler command which allows you to define your command schedule within Laravel itself.

20. Queues: Laravel queues provide you with a unified API across different queue backends like Beanstalk, Amazon SQS, Redis, etc. Queues help you in deferring time-consuming tasks like sending an email, and many more things. Since your time-consuming tasks are deferred, this will speed up your web requests to your application.

21. Events: Laravel events give you a simple observer implementation. This feature helps you to subscribe and listen to events in your application.

22. Broadcasting: WebSockets are used for real-time implementation, live updates, etc. Laravel makes it simple for you to broadcast your events over a WebSocket connection. By broadcasting your laravel events, you can share the same events name between your server-side code and client-side JavaScript application.

23. Notifications: Along with providing support for sending e-mail, Laravel provides you support for sending notifications in other channels also like SMS and Slack. Notifications can be stored in your database so that you can display them in your web interface.

24. Automatic Pagination: Laravel possesses automatic pagination which simplifies the task of implementation paginations. With laravel, you don’t need to use manual implementation.

25. Multiple File System: Laravel uses third-party package Flysystem to provide multiple file support for the developers. You can use any Local or Cloud-based storage in order to provide simple configuration.

26. Automatic Package Discovery: In earlier versions of Laravel, you can easily install packages. But Laravel 5.5 comes with a new feature called Automatic Package Discovery which detects the packages automatically which users want to install on their devices. Laravel 5.5 allows developers to disable this feature for some specific packages.

27. Open Source: Laravel is an open source PHP framework, web developers can easily develop large and intricate web applications while it can still maintain the code.

28. Has a comprehensive tutorial: Unlike other PHP frameworks, laravel offers a great tutorial (Laracast) which possesses a mix of free and paid video tutorials that will give you an in-depth knowledge of Laravel and how you can use Laravel. The videos are all made by Jeffery Way, a deft and experienced instructor. By watching these videos, you can enhance your skills and knowledge of Laravel.

The above-mentioned features of laravel make it the best among all PHP frameworks. The popularity of Laravel is growing hastily and thus, it is the most Starred PHP framework on Github. Nearly 3000 developers from all over the world have applauded all the robust features of this platform.

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