Top Python Frameworks for Web Developers in 2018

Starting from a scratch sometimes, become implausible for the web developers. This is why the professionals rely on the frameworks that make their work infinitely easier. They can start working on a prebuilt structure for an application development. The development time can be considerable cut down to meet the needs of a client by using the frameworks. Python is a very popular language for the web developer as it provides excellent platforms to work with and come up with a robust framework for a versatile web development project.

The frameworks offer immense flexibility to the web developers where they will not have to concentrate on the coding part. They can fully focus on the customizations that can be done quickly without writing piling codes. Python offers a great platform where deploying applications is a lot easier than any other language. All a developer needs is to have a clear understanding of the server-side architecture to develop a web application. For a proper Web application development, you need to concentrate on the following frameworks.

Top python frameworks 2018

1. Quixote

This is a particular web framework used for writing web applications using the language. Quixote is used to offer high performance and extreme flexibility. It has two different versions. Both the versions 2 and 3 can be used for the development. The development is also maintained and used by many public sites. It is considered as one of the Top python frameworks 2018.

2. Grok

Grok is a unique type of Python web framework 2018 that offers a great platform where both the beginners and the experienced ones can work. Grok is basically used to emphasize on the agile development by providing an easy web application development setup as it offers a huge amount of building blocks. It uses the Zope Toolkit (ZTK) which is an advanced set of libraries that offers object-oriented advancements and re-utilization.

3. Django

Django web development with Python is probably the most common name in the web development world. Django has the capability of making a web development process extremely fats than any other framework. On the other hand, the progress is scalable with Django. One can easily identify the development requirements and progress. This is a particular type of software founded by a group of professionals and senior developers as a non-profit organization. Even if the web developer is stuck using Django, the team can aid the development process by updating the framework. The constant up-gradation enables a user to match the needs of the latest version of Python. It is an open source framework that can be obtained from the official website without any hassle. The latest upgrades can also be downloaded from the website. Django is being used by the major social media websites such as Instagram. It is also used to develop slot machine games for casino websites. This framework is easy to learn and apply for a robust web application development.

4. Flask

It is not a full-stack framework but a micro framework version that use Python as the base language. This framework is also based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2. The framework depends on two different external libraries which are Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja 2 engine for templates. Flask can be a micro framework but it can deliver a lot of functionality as the core is considerably extensible. Using Flask can make the core development extremely simple and easy to execute. Its specific uses are:

1. Fast debugging and built-in server for development
2. Unit testing integrated support
3. RESTful dispatching of request
4. Secure support for cookies
5. Complaint with Jinja 2 and WSGI 1.0
6. It is based on Unicode
7. It can also handle HTTP request and is capable of plugging in any kind of ORM


5. BlueBream

It is also an open source framework for Python web development. BlueBream is also an open source library and a web application server that is created by the Zope community. BlueBream is a full-stack framework that is used for medium and large projects. It is used for its extreme flexibility of reusable and interchangeable components in the web application development. The development of scalable software is pretty easy with BlueBream. It clearly suggests how the experience has been used to make it a perfect platform above Zope Tool Kit for creating a stable and scalable application. The framework also uses a familiar and powerful Buildout system coded by using Python. It also employs the eminent Zope Object Database (ZODB) for availing proper functionality to the web developer.

6. CherryPy

It is also an open source web framework famous for its minimalist approach. CherryPy is also considered as one of the best Python web frameworks 2018. It is used for its extreme flexibility a web developer can enjoy while creating an object-oriented program. CherryPy is a one of a kind framework that provides a multithreaded server to the web applications. It can be run on any operating system that supports the Python language (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc). In this case, you will not need Apache for running CherryPy apps.

It is a versatile framework that allows a developer to use a different type of technology for data access, templating, and many more. The eminent features of this framework are:

1. It offers WSGI and HTTP complaint multithreaded server.
2. Running multiple HTTP servers is easy
3. Offers a powerful system to configure
4. Offers a flexible platform for plugin systems
5. Excellent set of tools for caching, sessions, encoding, static content, authentication, etc.
6. It also has the ability to run Python 2.7+, 3.1+, PyPy, Android and Jython.

7. Pyramid

It is a minimalist framework that offers extreme usability to develop a minimal response/request Python web app. As the work progresses, you can add excellent features with the aid of Pyramid as it makes complex writing easier. Pyramid is a versatile framework as it supports all the versions of the language. Pyramid offers a small base with excellent choices regarding web app development. It is also equipped with an inherent scaling feature. Its features are mentioned below.

1. Single file application
2. Generating URL is easy
3. The configuration can be extended
4. Flexibility in authorization and authentication
5. Comprehensive support for data documentation, testing and support.

8. Bottle

Bottle is simply the Best python web server WSGI micro framework. It is typically distributed in a single file module without any dependencies. It only depends on the Python Standard Library. It utilizes globalized search paths for finding templates on a file system. The default features of the micro framework are:

1. Easier to achieve dynamic and clean URLs.
2. Supports Mako, Cheetah, and Jinja 2,
3. It provides a comfortable access to file uploads, form data, cookies, headers, and various other HTTP-liked metadata.

It is considered as the best on Python frameworks list for learning the organization of web frameworks and prototyping. It can be used for building simple apps too.

Choosing a Python framework depends on the functions and usability a developer wants in his web application. Learning more than one framework is also possible as the base or the platform language is the same. Once accustomed, any of the frameworks can be of great use to develop excellent web applications.

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