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Today, trends remain in trend for lesser than the snap of a finger, especially in web development. It’s way too fast to hold on for long. Web developers have found 2017 challenging with its significant technological leaps especially in web application development. This year has left enough traces to impact 2018, and with more opportunities for business to benefit, one can look confidently at the future. Let’s look at the most important ones here.

Progressive Web Applications

2015 is when we first heard about Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). 2016 showed us some of the pioneers and 2018 will be when PWA will rule the roost. So, what exactly is this trendsetter?

It is an advancement of the web, wherein you can experience the mobile app, but through the web. Yes! You won’t have to install the app to experience it. In short, they are regular websites, which appear like traditional or native web apps to the users.

They are fast, reliable and offers a very engaging and seamless experience because the user saves the shortcut and the app loads quickly from the cache. Partial and complete caching are a possibility. In partial, the dynamic content needs server access, while the UI is cached. On the other hand, complete caching is magic as it provides the app offline using service workers. The advantages are not limited to the mentioned few. PWA improvers the website’s performance, supports push notifications and doesn’t need an app store. I’m sure you have already fallen in love!

To quote a few real-life examples, AliExpress had a 104% conversion rate with the introduction of PWA leading to 74% increase in time spent. Similarly, for Flipkart, it was 70% increase in conversion and time spent went up three times. This is how reducing as many barriers as possible helps the web and businesses alike. No wonder it is becoming a norm more than a trend.

Can it revolutionize your business? Of course, it will!

Push Notifications for Websites

Talk about re-engagement and push notifications on the app takes the cake. Push notification also called the server push, is delivering an alert or info without the user requesting for the same. The advantage of this technology was that one needn’t be online to receive them, and neither did it demand the app or the phone to be open.

It was highly efficient with open rates as high as 90%. Now, what happens when we get this trend integrated into the web? It becomes a revolution. You might have seen it more often than not by now, with the websites asking if you want to be notified now or later. You enable push notifications to be notified of anything new on the website even when offline. Thus, it handsomely beats SMS, email or even social media in keeping you updated.

There are other positives like one not needing the email id to connect, and is not just confined to the web users.

In summary, you have a high chance to make this trend big for your business in 2018.

Online Customer Support

We had discussed chatbots in an earlier blog. Chatbots have carved a niche for itself from the last two years. And why? Because it understands commands, languages and gets smarter with more conversations. And business picks on this opportunity as staying connected with users and helping them with solutions is the most important part of the business. But why only a bot? They converse using auditory or text method 24×7 without maintaining a 24×7 customer support team. Wow! Isn’t it cool to have a customer service team of robots who don’t sleep?

These bots, but, have a human element added to their intellect and any interaction gives the feeling that one is talking to a human. Many of these bots are smart enough to even redirect people to the right page, guide them with payment etc. And emotions? Of course, yes! In case the customer is frustrated, the chatbots are even trained to hand over the conversation to a human being. The best part is that unlike humans, these guys never get frustrated or have a bad day at work. Also to note is that there is no wait time for a customer, which is why for 79% of customers, chatbot is a new love.

Chatbots can collect customer data from interactions and then hand it over to a live agent. The customers win and so will the business when good info and solutions based on needs are shared.

With time, chatbot for online assistance is an unchallenged option for people. Given the choice of a chatbot and customer service department for your business, what will your choice be? With messaging apps surpassing social networking sites, it leaves no room for doubt as to what choice one should exercise in 2018.


Single Page Websites

Simplicity forms the core reason behind people choosing single page websites in 2017 and making it a trend. Studies provided an insight that was hard to ignore – people prefer to scroll and not click on multiple pages to get what they want. Thus, came the thought to simplify the unnecessarily complex sites. Does it help the developers, designers and content managers? Yes! The website is transformed to a much more focussed page and rises much above a mere landing page.

Also called pageless design, this one page and scroll can be long, but for sure leaves no room for clutter, and earns a lot of accolades from the mobile user. Though use cases are limited and exclude e-commerce, large-scale corporations etc., single page helps in retaining the customer for a longer time. Single pages load faster and have a simple structure requiring least maintenance. With parallax feature in vogue, it becomes even more exciting.

Powerful and creative storytelling gains in pageless design, and so does intuitiveness for the end customer. And not to forget the benefit of cost – from design to development to hosting, everything is comparatively inexpensive. So, is your page ready to embrace the pageless in 2018? Evaluate today and implement as per your requirements.

Motion UI

Animations. Graphics. Transitions. Anyone who is not interested? Seldom, because they are an integral part of storytelling. As web technologies are advancing, flash has slowly made way for HTML5, CSS3 and motion graphics. Again, these are chosen for the simplicity and immersive experience it provides to the users.

Motion UI (User Interface) can be a defined as a front-end framework used for building fully responsive web designed apps. Motion UI has custom coded transitions making it least complicated for developers to create smooth and rich motion within the native app setting. A few examples are page header transitions, overlay, hovers, animated charts, parallax and modular scrolling. It’s quick, has high customizability and seamlessly integrates into websites making it one of the most preferred and thus part of the emerging trends for 2018.

Being ahead of the race makes one a trendsetter. Remember that the road less travelled makes all the difference.

In case you want the trends implemented to make your web app or mobile app stand out from among the thousand others, look no further.

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