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Considering how almost everything (even things which seemed impossible a decade back) is on the internet and functioning through various websites, ‘web developing’ is a skill honed by a lot of people. So as a web developer, what are you to do – so your work shines over the rest? Well, this article is especially looking forward to attract some of the beginner and amateur web developers to make their lives and their customers’ lives a lot easier.

There are a lot of important factors to be kept into account when you are working as a web developer. Rather we can call this as a 2-point mantra (mentioned in the following paragraph).

Quality Assurance starts off with 2 important fundamentals:

    • Nothing but absolute Quality is your goal. At the end of the day, what attracts customers is quality. Sure, your website (if commercial) could offer discounts to get ahead of your competition. But genuine, quality service is what will keep the customers coming back.
  •  Quality is needed not only in your online pitch, but also in all other genres  such as the customer catering services etc. Always keep in mind, if you don’t treat your customers right there is always another web developer who will!
    No matter what you do, keep your content easy to access, mostly free, and user friendly. The term ‘user-friendly’ is the keyword here. Keeping your work easy to understand and use is what will attract and satisfy the most number of customers.

Now that you have the knowledge of the 2-point mantra, you can proceed onto the main outlook of improvement in your field.

Quality Assurance Plan for website development

Without a plan or a map, nobody has ever gotten anywhere – whether going to a restaurant in a foreign city or improvising in web development. So, before you get started on trying to better your internet presentation skills, you need to chalk out a map as to where your weaknesses lie in this particular field and where your strengths can conquer. Just like popular singer-songwriter Jennifer Lopez says “Don’t push your weaknesses, play to your strengths”. For example, you struggle to properly hyperlink and set up the payment aspects of some portals and websites. Instead of forcefully trying to set just ‘anything’ up, try looking for help from fellow web developers.

The key here is to identify your weaknesses and improving upon them by either hiring someone to do it or learning it by yourself. Just like you will be hiring someone to help you out in certain aspects, there will also be similar cases in which fellow web developers will pay you for your help. It’s a two-way street. Both ways achieving at a single goal: Superior quality for customers worldwide.

Your quality assurance plan should comprise of 3 different things: –

1. Testing for Requirements

The best way to test for requirements is imagining yourself to be a customer. That way you will really get to realise the things that your website is probably lacking in. A general web site should be a healthy mix of the aspects of online resource content, management, and should also contain a marketing pitch. Also, you could try by asking your elderly relatives or not-so-tech-savvy friends to diagnose any more potential weaknesses of your website. As we tried to talk about before they will be able to draw a judgement on how “user-friendly” your website is, at the end of the day.

2. Testing the Design

As discussed before, the design is basically the way you have presented the various aspects and components of your website. This is really important because it forms the base of your website’s appeal. Too flowery of a pattern might be irritating for anybody who’s not a school girl, and too dull might just be entirely un appealing. Just like everything else in life, a healthy mix is what you are looking for.

But as a beginner finding the perfect design might not be so easy. So, what are you to do?

Try looking up the design patterns and categorisation of popular international websites like Amazon and YouTube. There are a lot you can learn from the big dogs of the web development world, so use them to your fullest extent. The perfect design will be user-friendly, appealing to the eye, and not extremely hotchpotch.

One thing that I must mention about the design, is the usage of not more than 3 colours in the overall theme of your website. The ‘look and feel’ of your website should be comfortable.

3. Testing how functional is your website

Even though the other two steps are extremely integral in putting your website in a league over the others, this is probably the most important step. So, what is Functionality? It is basically to cross check and see that every (and I mean each and every) portion of your website is working. Every hyperlink, button, advertisement blob, chat room should be impeccable in response and function. Slow features are the biggest factors which drive away interested customers.

How functional your website is a direct implication of how responsible you are as a web developer. Functionality is an overall ‘impression maker’ to the customers. It sets the tone for not only who or what you’re making the website for, it also enhances the user friendliness of your work. You have never seen the term ‘easy to use’ to be used for a website with non-functional components, have you? This is probably a step that you will not get much help from your friends, because it’s easy to skip over certain things of the website that they will not probably be interested in. But that region might be of major attraction to some customers. So, make sure you double check that everything is in working order.


Website Quality Assurance Checklist

Now that you’re have in mind a proper plan, let’s go through some of the things you have to have on your checklist for a perfect web development endeavour.

1. An approachable attitude

As a web developer, making mistakes is probably something very common for a beginner. Even if you’re not making mistakes, there could always be an improvement in your work. Maybe your target audience is not a huge fan of your current design, or your boss wants you to reconsider how the website’s mantra should be.

Keeping an approachable attitude and listening to constructive critique will take you a long way in not only web development, but also life.

2. Design should be creative

Inappropriate font size, contrasting colours, crowded hotchpotch, irrelevant images are just some of the things which can be a real downer for a lot of customers. Like mentioned before, your website’s look and feel determines a lot as to what you are trying to accomplish through this domain. Keeping it simple is the way to go.

3. Reachability

You should be easy to reach as per the customer’s needs and requirements. Especially in situations where the website or the organisation does not have a customer care service. Providing a responsive email id is an absolute must in this case. Your customer might have a problem and the faster you solve it, the better are your chances in keeping him.

4. Checklist maintenance

Just, like this checklist, you also need to maintain a checklist of your clients and customers. Web development is hard work and sometimes expensive. In case you want your hard work to pay off (in this case, literally) you need to micro manage the factors that go into your career as a web developer.

Advertising to previous clients/customers via email, or WhatsApp/Facebook will keep them updated about your current undertakings.

5. The speed and functionality of your website

How responsive and fast your site is, goes a long way in trying to convince clientele.

6. Optimizing Search engine feature

If your website has a search engine feature, or other 3rd party applications, make sure you keep checking and optimising these regions of your website.

Website Quality Assurance Tools

Just like you can use your friends and relatives to check up on the various components of your website and its functionalities you can also employ a few tools which will check as to how processive and perfect your work is.

Some tools are: –

    •  MX toolbox
    • Pingdom Website Speed Test
    • 4Sucuri Site Checker

    Wrapping Up

    Now, that you know what are the things that are yet to be done in your venture of web development as a career, there is no stopping you! Keep the 2-point mantra in mind, and remember, there is no limit to superior quality.


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