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Business Intelligence

Norjimm specializes in Business Intelligence services and we analyze the data while presenting actionable information to help business owners initiate more informed business decisions. This is what makes us the people’s preferred choice in the array of business intelligence companies. Increasing operational efficiency, improving decision-making, optimizing internal business processes, while identifying market trends, we have our business intelligence solutions strategized to incorporate all your business needs.

We implement the latest business intelligence tools to integrate business decisions that will increase the turnover of your business. BI anticipates enhanced turnaround time on data collection, bring up fresh ideas for novel business initiatives, and provide far sight on customer requirement and demands. Collective insights are the guiding light for the decisions enhanced by data. BI provides a holistic view of data across multiple business environments, which gives visibility to organizations to minimize the risk of noncompliance, security and governance breaches. Smart businesses leverage business intelligence to analyze customer and market behavior, which deliver real insight quicker and with greater precision in the decision-making.

We will customize a business intelligence platform that will incorporate all your business needs in one place.

We look at all the data and not just a sample of it, we drill down, slice-and-dice and explore, converting information to interactive data. Managing larger data in shorter time frames, combine innovative analytics with reporting tools, to achieve valuable insights from structured, unstructured and semi structured data.

We engage with business users and technical staff to collect requirements, analyse architecture and do BI assessments to derive road maps, and to define the BI tools for data migration, data integration and cleansing. We build solutions based on a flexible architecture without affecting the working solutions and established processes.

We help customers to experience a smarter way to do business with a wide stack of Business Intelligence technologies and tools. We are experts in data extraction, data integration, data modeling, data cleansing and data visualization, to create comprehensive reports and actionable outputs for your business.

Technology Stack
BI Stack
  • Tableau
  • QlikView
  • Slam Data
DB Servers
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • HP Vertica
  • Teradata

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