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Data Engineering

Norjimm, known for its data warehousing services, offers high quality and standard data engineering services unique to the day’s business environment. As you are aware, information-based decisions drive business strategies. Prompt and informed business decisions have made way to analysis of relevant data for business decision-making. Successful execution of an organization’s business strategy is dependent on technology-driven information assimilation and delivery process.

We provide all kinds of data warehousing solutions starting from identifying intricate business-strategy information, including data warehouse process, collecting data from diverse and enterprise-wide sources, to structuring it for instant access. All this is accomplished by implementing the architecture that makes it possible.

We design and build scalable data warehousing solutions that includes database-cleaning services too. Scalability is built into the core of every solution we deliver to manage very large data set far sighting a rapid growth in data. Data warehousing is the pillar, hidden but where very important work is done, while BI is the visible part of corporate data system. Data, which flows from data producers is channelized to the data warehouse, it then encompasses data transformations, filtering and cleansing to provide data virtualization and real-time access from BI tools.

ETL Process
Data Integration
Data Cleansing

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse design and architecture defines the quality of reporting, which in turn determines the efficacy of critical business decisions. We designed and developed enterprise data warehouse for a leading cloud CMS platform provider that needed to integrate data from various internal and external data sources. Our real-world development experience, coupled with a firm understanding of the relational engines, help us to design, develop and deploy cloud based data warehouses and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Data Modeling

Modeling data improves the performance of operational and analytical systems, it opens a window into the nature of a business. New relationships in the information architectures can be discovered by analyzing their data models and can result in identifying new opportunities. We use data profiling tools in an effective way to both model and determine the state of the data quality with the systems of record.

Data Integration

As the need to pull together the growing volumes of data generated has increased, we evaluate the integration requirements. We analyze the number of source systems, overlapping systems, structured, unstructured or semistructured data, external and internal data sources and the volume and frequency of data updates. The process is followed up with integration use case analysis, whether the need to integrate data is for analytics, application consolidation, process data for master data management, synchronizing data between on-premises system and cloud applications, need for data integration from disparate systems virtually without moving it to a central data repository. Taking all the aspects into consideration we derive the integration process.

Data cleansing

Whether the data comes from marketing, service, web or from outside source, the data needs to be transformed to atomic units so that it is consistent throughout the warehouse, and ensure the data matches the business rules. Cleansed data creates optimal data quality in respect of being up-to-date, reliability and detailing levels. A descriptive analysis of data is done to detect which kinds of errors and inconsistencies are to be removed. When errors are removed, the cleaned data replaces the unclean data in the original sources in order to give legacy applications the improved data. To improve visibility of instance matching and integration, the attribute values are converted to a consistent and uniform format.
We provide dedicated team of architects and ETL experts to help you to integrate your data by using proven implementing tools and strategies.

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